Empowering tax payers to remain ahead with compliance in field of taxation in India

myIndiaTaxes App currently offers

• Tax Calculator for Income Tax in India
• Instant update of GST filing dashboard

This app will be updated from time to time which would provide additional tools to assist tax payer remain complaint with various statutory requirements.

How The App Works

MyIndiataxes App – once downloaded, Tax payer is required to enter mobile number and he receives OTP to activate the App.

Tax Calculator for AY 20-21 and 21-22 may be used covering income from,

a. Salary
b. House Property
c. Capital Gains
d. Business
e. Other Sources

The App further provides entry of payments and investments made which qualify deduction under chapter VI-A where-in eligible deductions are computed and reduce Income from various chapters to arrive at Taxable Income.

The App further provides facility to enter details of advance tax paid along with self-assessment taxes from where interests u/s 234B and 234C are computed.

App also provides user to enter date of filing of return, thereby computes interest u/s 234A.

Updates under Goods and Services Tax Laws issued vide Notifications issued dated 01/05/2021

Sr No Notification No and notification details Our analysis and comments 1 14/2021 CGST(i) where, any time limit for completion or compliance of any action, by anyauthority or by any person, has been specified in, or prescribed or notified underthe said Act, which falls during the period from the 15th day of April, 2021 to the30th day of May, 2021, and where completion or compliance of such action hasnot been made within such time, then, the time limit for completion or complianceof such action, shall be extended upto the 31st day of May, 2021, including for thepurposes of.(a) completion of…

Bi-weekly Academic Interaction with Students – SBEC

Webinar on “Procedural Issues in GST – GST ITC, GSTR 2A/2B, HSN/SAC Code, E-Invoicing, QRMP etc. on Thursday, 22nd April 2021 from 10.30 am to 01.30 pm”

Extension of timelines

Organizing ICITSS & AICITSS Classes in virtual/physical mode at the Branch Level/Regional Level for all eligible students – (01-04-2021)

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